Danger! – Looking Down

Waves crash up against the sharp, jagged rocks below. The blue ocean stretches for thousands of miles, but the fall to it below is far less. The ledge which George is standing on, similar to a wooden plank on a pirate ship, sticks out of the viewpoint that overlooks a pit that would swallow anybody up without hesitation. Danger lurked over George’s shoulder; one slip of the foot would lead from danger to death.DSC_0153



My Second Home

I feel like everybody has a second home–another place besides your house that you go often. A place you feel comfortable, and a place that brings back memories. Good or bad. That place for me is the beach. In reality, I’d say that I spend more time at school than at the beach, but that wouldn’t make for a good post, would it?

The last time I visited the beach was with my friends Jacob and George. We originally planned on making it five or six people, but unfortunately, they were unable to make it. Leaving half of the group behind wouldn’t stop us, though.

Throughout the day, we went to some spots to take pictures. Even stopping at my favorite Mexican restaurant for a bite. We went up to Ecola State Park to watch the sunset, where I was the only one to think it’d actually happen. Per usual, we brought our cameras. Below are some of my favorite portraits that I took surrounding what I believe to be my second home: Cannon Beach, Oregon. DSC_0188DSC_0281DSC_0339DSC_0354DSC_0218

A Morning at the Tulip Farm

It’s a Wednesday morning, but it’s not just a normal Wednesday morning–there was no school. When a high schooler has a day off, it’s almost an unwritten rule to make plans to go do something. Some think that we could use that time to get work done, but that seems pretty weird to me. So as for a plan, my friends Mike and Jacob (pictured) and I went to the Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival which is located about 45 minutes away from our house. It ended up taking a little less time since my friend Mike likes to go fast. That’s evident from his speeding ticket last summer. That’s way beside the point, though.

We left at 5:30 AM in hopes of making the 6:17 AM sunrise. We made it in time, but as time went on, we were left wondering where the sun was.

“Why the hell did we get up so early?” Jacob asked.

I was thinking the same thing since I was hoping to get an ever so popular sunrise picture with tulips in the foreground, but I decided to make more with less.

Turns out, the clouds were covering the sun and we missed out on a great sunrise. Because of this, I definitely plan on going again. It was a fun experience because really, how often do you go to a tulip farm?