Nervous. Tuesday 9/5

History class was cancelled today. Thank God because I didn’t know there was homework. Hopefully that’s not an indication of how the rest of this first semester is going to be, but if it is, I think my parents are going to be very upset. I’ll be upset for that matter, too. But so far, it’s pretty hard. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t expect it to be easy. I just hope that I come out at the end with a decent GPA.

I need to find a team for the freshmen games by tomorrow at noon. My friend Gary and I want to find a team but I’m not sure if it’ll work out. I could always sign up for a team full of goons, but I’d rather be with people I choose.

Let’s hope tomorrow goes well!

Monday 9/4

I’m sure that I forgot to write at some point this weekend, but better late than never. Realistically, I had time to make a journal entry considering that my weekend was very uneventful. I didn’t do anything too exciting. I’d go as far as to say it was too long. Yes. A weekend. Too long. At this point, 1:44 on Labor Day, I want Tuesday to come. My classes aren’t fun or anything, but it’s something to do.

That’s actually a really good way to put my college experience so far–it’s something to do. I’ve been surprisingly bored so far, but it’s mostly my fault. I haven’t been meeting people and making connections like I should’ve been doing. Hopefully things fall into place in the forthcoming weeks.

The Weekend!

First Friday night here and I forgot to write something. Oops! I was really tired, though–lots of running around in a sense. Personally, I didn’t party last night, although I was willing to. My friend Gary said he’d text me if he was doing something. I waited but never got a text; I figured he didn’t do anything. Fast forward a few hours and I run into him in the crowded lobby of St. Catherine/St. Monica–the dorm we both live in.

He was so drunk. So it turns out that I missed out on some stuff, but I was pretty tired anyways. I hung out with him and then went to bed. Not a very eventful night. Maybe tonight might be different.


I swivel in my stationary desk looking around for a clock. Where the hell is a clock?! Keep in mind, I can’t pull my phone out in class, especially being in the front row. Where. Is. A. Clock. You might be wondering why I need to know the time so badly. Maybe I have some big plans. A date perhaps? Who am I kidding… I had nothing. I just wanted to leave. It felt like I’d been sitting in Caughlin 104 for 3 hours, and the class is only an hour and fifteen minutes long.

If that doesn’t tell you how my Thursdays are, I’m not too sure what will. But Thursdays aren’t all negative; I’m coming to like Communications class because some people are just good at talking. Corey, this kid from my dorm, was unexpectedly an excellent speaker. It’s just nice to hear, I guess.

9 A.M. class. It’s 12:41 A.M.

Three Days Until Saturday

Summer. No, not the season (although I wish it was), but the song by Brockhampton. The collectives newest album, Saturation 2, has been on repeat constantly throughout this somewhat painful syllabus week, and it seems to be helping. Music is always one of my go-to’s for personal therapy; that or basketball, which I’ve playing quite a bit of in my free time. I’m stressed out about my classes, as well as worrying about making friends. Because well, surprise! I still don’t have many!

Today was nice, though. I enjoyed my english class a lot. Math was easy considering I learned everything on the syllabus in high school. And physics was eh. It could’ve been worse; it could’ve been a lab.

Oh wait. I have one of those, too. And for reference, I definitely rolled my eyes as I typed that. Anyways, I’m absolutely dreading this lab. It couldn’t be at a worse time either–between my communication and history class. Terrible. I need to set up a meeting or something with my advisor and ask them what’s up with that. It’s still Wednesday night, but I already know Thursdays will be the worst day of my week for the next 16.



First class of the year and I’m already tired of it? Great attitude, Carson. I sat, legs stretched out as far as they could go, inside Professor Schmitt’s classroom: College Hall Room 133. It was quite possibly the tiniest classroom I’ve ever sat in. The width between the rows were extremely narrow and overall, a pain. As the subject itself goes, it’s not much better than the space it is confined to. Communication 100 is the class, which is required for every student.

I figured I could try to look on the bright side, and it seemed like I concluded that the professor seemed pretty nice. In fact, he was extremely nice, but the subject… I hate it. I could have Betty White teaching Communications 100 and I’d probably still hate it. To add to the wound, the only things note worthy for grading are four or five speeches. Wow! I’m not excited!

Next up, history. In a building with air conditioning nonetheless. Truly the first time that the lord has blessed me with something fantastic at this Jesuit Institution. I usually like history, but the way the teacher goes about class, I got the impression that she would be making this class harder than need be. But with that being said, I’m kind of looking forward to the class. The midterm and final, not so much. But everything else might be fine in Coughlin 104. There is one girl, though, that might be a problem. My first impression is that she’s one of those people that during discussions, she won’t let anybody talk.

Fuck. She’s not going to shut up. That was me today, but I can guarantee that that will not be the last time saying that this term. Hopefully tomorrow is better.

Ugh. I miss my friends, family, and dogs. A lot.

Night Before the First Day

My first day of class is tomorrow. A crowd is forming outside my door as the room adjacent to mine is filling up. My roommate won’t be quiet; in fact, he’s quite annoying. He said that he was going to bed at about 10:00–it’s now about midnight. Maybe he thought that I didn’t need to sleep before my Communications class at 9:25 AM. Speaking of that, I’m not looking forward to it. Public speaking isn’t really my forte. I’ve heard it’s easy, but even still, my anxiety and constantly worried attitude beats me up over it.

My roommate just fell asleep. Amazing,

I’m kind of stuck between a rock and a hard place when it comes to my social situation right now. There’s people that I could see myself being friends with, but I’m not necessarily interested in partying every night. But I don’t want to be friends with people that don’t do anything. It also comes down to grades. I feel that if I party a bunch, my grades would decline. BUT… I don’t want to do nothing besides study all day. Tough situation, isn’t it?

Wish me luck tomorrow. And the whole week. And pretty much the whole year; I think I’ll be needing all that I can get.