Who Am I Writing For?

Throughout this past month, I’ve been thinking of reasons as to why I write. Not just this blog, but in general. In my writing class, who do I write my papers for? Do I do it for myself? Or maybe I do it to impress people–my teacher and peers specifically. I guess I would be lying if I said that I didn’t want to impress people with my writing abilities (or general lack of), but nonetheless, I was stuck asking myself these questions.

If I pick a topic that my teacher isn’t fond of, do I change it? I want a good grade because, well, that’s kind of the point of school. But then I wouldn’t be writing what I wanted, thus taking away my interest in the subject. And everybody knows that if you’re invested into the paper it’ll turn out better. This was evident in the last paper I turned it. My teacher persuaded me into taking my paper a certain route; it was a route that I had no intention of taking initially. It wasn’t a bad idea, but I had no interest in it. Still, I discussed it. I wasn’t willing to disobey my teacher in a sense.

But I should’ve.

I got an 89 on the paper, which I know isn’t bad, but I expected higher. It made me realize that I need to stop writing for other people and instead, write for myself. Express my own feelings and opinions–nobody else’s. But here’s the thing; I wasn’t even going to write this blog entry if it wasn’t for my friend Casey reminding me. She said she was disappointed that I haven’t posted something in a while, so that leads me to another point.

Am I still writing for other people? I believe so. I think anybody writing is doing it to please other people. Maybe pleasing other people is a rewarding yourself for the hard work you’ve put into the writing, but at the core, you’re still doing it to satisfy other people. It’s a circle that you go in, but it always starts with who’s reading it. I guess you’d only truly be writing for yourself if you have nobody reading what you write. My intentions for this blog were to act as a journal, where it would be for me, myself, and I. I didn’t expect anybody to read it, and that would just satisfy me. But now, I feel the need to please my followers and anybody else that might read this. So yes, I am still writing for other people. And as I go further into my writing career if you will, I’ll write for more and more people, not just myself.

So I guess this post is for you, Casey. You’re the person that I hoped would enjoy this extremely cheesy and pretty pointless post the most out of anybody.


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