Music Monday (on a Late Tuesday)

I guess I should call this Music Tuesday, but to me, that doesn’t have the nice, pleasant ring to it. So because of that, I’m still calling it Music Monday.

Now that I cleared that up, I want to say why I’ve been listening to these three albums that I will soon list off. If you’re reading this and am unaware of who I am, I’m a senior in high school. A stressful time–college decisions, scholarship applications, and attempting to do the homework you already have. Oh yeah. Sports, too. While doing all this work, I don’t want to listen to obnoxious music because it’ll distract me. For this reason, the three albums that I listened to this past week are all ones that I think you can do homework to, or work in general.

Elton John – Yellow Brick Road 

Elton John’s best album. By miles. I really wouldn’t understand somebody saying that this is inferior to any other piece of work from Elton, but it’s all an opinion I guess. Regardless, in MY opinion, this album is as complete as an album can get. From top to bottom, this album is amazing. I wouldn’t argue if somebody said it’s perfect. I love this album that much. Starting out with Funeral for a Friend/Love Lies Bleeding (my favorite Elton John song), and going to Candle in the Wind and Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, and ending with songs like Saturday Night’s Alright for Fighting, it’s fantastic. I would recommend this to anybody that enjoys music because it’s impossible to dislike it. And if you’re studying, there are some great soothing tracks on the album.

Sampha – Process

I was skeptical when I listened to this album at first. I didn’t know who Sampha was, even though he sang a pretty good chorus on the track titled Saint Pablo from Kanye West’s The Life of Pablo. I’m definitely not discussing Kanye on a list about relaxing music to do work to, so getting back to Sampha, this album is great. I was really surprised when I heard Process, but pleasantly surprised. I’d say that my favorite tracks off of the album are (No One Knows Me) Like the Piano, Blood on Me, and Reverse Faults. That being said, that shouldn’t take away from every other tracks–they’re all good, quality songs. Being very smooth with a slow tempo for most of the album, it makes it easy to do work to. That’s why I would recommend it.

Roy Woods – Waking at Dawn

Roy Woods always seems to impress me, whether it’s singing over simple yet melodic beats, or rapping over a more uptempo beat. His rapping is the stereotypical rapping, though. It’s kind of like when Migos or Lil Uzi Vert attempts to sing/rap over more of a slow beat, except with Roy Woods, he can actually sing so his rap is still in a higher pitch. Odd to hear in a form of text, but listen for yourself and you’ll see what I’m saying in a very poor way is actually true.

These beats don’t contain much substance if I’m honest. Their aren’t any changes in tempo or any bridges to string a song along, but I think that’s what makes it easy to listen to. I often find myself repeating You Love It, Down Girl, Switch, and She Knows About Me. Four great songs that I would highly recommend putting on a homework playlist if you have one.


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