What is this?

What is this? My mind plays that broad question over and over again as I try to make out a plan for how to create a semi-decent blog. I’ve never done this before–I don’t blog. I don’t reflect. I don’t do anything that a stereotypical blogger should know how to do. So why would I make a blog? I don’t know.

What even makes a blog “good”? Shit, how would I know? I’m asking myself questions hoping to pull the answers out of a hat, even though I know that won’t happen. I just assume blogs are like wine as they get better with age, so everything from here on should be like reading an award winning novel. In addition to not knowing anything about blogs, I’m not sure what topics make for good material. The only reading I’ve done on the internet are memes on my twitter feed (check it out if you want good memes), so you could say that I’m a novice at connecting with people through this medium.

What I’m most concerned about is how to write these blog posts. My style of writing is more formulaic if you couldn’t tell by this point, and to be frank, if I was reading this on the internet, I wouldn’t of even made it to this point. Hopefully anybody actually reading this can appreciate proper grammar and a blog post that might take some time and thinking to write.

As I’ve worked through this first post, I’ve been thinking of a plan as what to write topically. I don’t want boring stories that nobody cares about; they have to be good stories. And for that reason, I don’t think that you’ll find me writing too many of them. I have a feeling that most of these posts will be reviews, either of music(!) or movies, or a question that’s on my mind at the time. Hopefully it’ll be a question that challenges the way people think, because that’s something I enjoy discussing.

One last thing. If the day ever comes where I have to talk about the idea for my domain name, that’ll be the last post because I’d simply have no ideas left.



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